Angel Felting manufactures home felted slippers.We started our activities as a home producer in 2000. Between 2000-2004 we developed with the support of the Wool Processing Marketing Project by NLM (Norway) organization in Mongolia. After termination of the project, we established Angel Felting Company in 2007. The total number of the company employees is 21 people. We are the provisional member of WFTO and we are currently preparing for becoming the guaranteed member. Mongolia is a country with rich supply of livestock renewable natural raw materials. It is the advantage for us in running our production.


Our main principles

No negative impact to the environment and live organisms


Respect customers’ and creative workers’ rights and interests
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No copyright breaches: no breaches in product man, production technology and equipment


Follow loyal principles in multilateral community activities.
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Run fair trade and production.
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Our handmade felted home slippers made by renewable sheep wool. Mongolia has millions of ‘‘happy‘‘ sheep freely pasture in the landscape. We producing contemporary home slippers, by using old traditional felt making method. We recycling the leftovers as a decoration on the slippers.

The slippers sole has special feature, made with 3 layers: double felted layers and leather sole underneath. We make felted sheet, especially for the sole. The extra layer of the felted sole makes the slippers more comfortable fit, warm and durable. Perfect walking comfort.

The raw material; 100% pure sheep wool. Merino wool 50%, Mongolian sheep wool 50%, and genuine leather processed in local skin factory in Mongolia.

Handmade natural glue; We making natural glue using flour and warm water. It is a Mongolian traditional method of making glue for sewing traditional costume. We use this glue for in the process of making the sole of the slippers.

Color;We use undyed natural colors and for the different colors, we use AZO free wool dyes from Germany, and Switzerland.

Felt making method;Our skilled team using old traditional felt making method to make the slippers.

Durability; Sustainable use, reliable product. It is last for years!

No sweaty feet;mix of Mongolian wool and merino wool makes nice warm feet, wool ventilates.


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